Capacity Building training on Energy Democracy and Climate Fresk


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Energy is essential for social and economic development, yet millions of people in Uganda lack access to reliable and affordable electricity. According to the World Bank, only 26.7% of the population had access to electricity in 2019 This means that most Ugandans rely on traditional biomass fuels such as firewood and charcoal for cooking and lighting, which have negative impacts on health, the environment, and livelihoods.
Energy democracy is a concept that advocates for a more equitable and participatory distribution of energy resources and benefits. It empowers communities to have a say in how energy is produced, delivered, and consumed, and to benefit from local renewable energy sources. Energy democracy can also contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing energy security.
PCF  works to improve the lives of children and youth in Uganda through education and empowerment programs This initiative also aims to raise awareness and advocacy on the importance of renewable energy and energy efficiency among children, youth, and their communities.

The specific objectives are:

  • To train youth climate activists, environmentalists and educators on how to integrate climate change into their teaching methods and practices.
  • To engage with communities and stakeholders on how to raise awareness and mobilize action on climate issues
  • To promote innovation and entrepreneurship in low-carbon green solutions among students, youth climate advocates, and women.
  • To collaborate with other countries regions organizations etc., on learning from sharing with supporting each other on climate action

Target Group:  Environmentalists, mainstream media (Journalists) CSOs, Students, Underserved communities and Children

Number of awareness and advocacy sessions on renewable energy and energy efficiency conducted for children, youth, and their communities

improved knowledge and attitudes towards environmental issues and energy democracy among the beneficiaries and their communities.


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